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Cara bred by Brody 3/5/17
Puppies due on 5/7/17


Cara is a wonderful girl and daughter of Vanna. She is extremely friendly and loves everyone and everything. She especially likes to go to the beach and chase the Seagulls and waves. Cara has good bone and a nice coat. She excels at retrieving and swimming and is an exceptional cuddler!! Cara is 3 years old.


Brody has soft eyes, a full coat and athletic build. He grew up with his human brothers playing tag and jumping on the trampoline. When it comes to gettin' wet, he's the first one in the pool. Brody is a total clown when he meets new people and will do almost anything to get your attention. Brody is 10 years old and still energetic as can be. 


Autumn bred by Tucker 4/13/17
Puppies due 6/15/17


Autumn is an easy going girl with a curiosity of life. She is fairly laid back but loves a good game of Tug O War with her best friend, Vanna. She has a beautiful, blocky head, good bone and full, dark coat. Autumn enjoys basking in the sun on her porch and then going for a dip in the pool. She loves everyone and is very nurturing to children. Autumn is 6 years old.

Tucker is a friendly guy with an inquisitive personality. Sometimes you would swear that he knows exactly what you are saying. He has a blocky head, good bone and an all day smile. Tucker is great at retrieving, loves to play tag and can't wait to go for a ride in the car. Tucker is 5 years old and extremely smart.

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