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Twister's Brody Of Lady Ruby
Brody is a fun loving guy with a follow you any where personality. He loves to play fetch, go camping, wrestle and get a good belly rub. Brody has soft eyes, a full coat and athletic build. He grew up with his human brothers playing tag and jumping on the trampoline. When it comes to gettin' wet, he's the first one in the pool. Brody is a total clown when he meets new people and will do almost anything to get your attention. He is fantastic with all other dogs and absolutely loves puppies.

CH Shyan's Heaven Scent Little Girl
Nina is a beautiful girl with an amazing temperament. She loves to give great big bear hugs to everyone she meets. Nina has a beautiful coat, kind eyes and a "let's have fun" attitude. If you are on the couch, she is on your lap. We are blessed to have added her to our list of amazing Golden family. This girl is impressive in many ways, especially her sweet disposition.

Heaven Scent Lady With Out Regrets
Greta is Desi's sister and is a sweet girl with a laid back personality. She enjoys hanging out with her sister, and showing her who is oldest(first pup whelped from that litter). Greta is a great cuddler and has a knack for sniffing out moles. Anyone would be lucky to go for a walk with this sweet girl at the beach, as she attracts a lot of friendly visitors. She has begun her conformation show career and is an excellent example of the breed. 

Heaven Scent Delight Me With A Kiss
Della is an energetic girl with a zest for adventure! Della has a beautiful dark coat, dark brown eyes and an athletic build, weighing in at just 55 lbs. She enjoys playing fetch, chasing squirrels, getting belly rubs and lounging in the sun. You won't find her lounging for long though, as she enjoys a good adventure. If you are up for it, Della is up for it!!

Heaven Scent Autumn's Harvest Moon
Harvey is a goofy guy, with a come rub my belly personality. He enjoys playing fetch, wrestling with his friends and snorkeling for objects in his kiddie pool. Harvey weighs in at about 64 lbs, has a long medium golden coat and a cowlick down the center of his muzzle. He mother Autumn, lived her with us until about 3 years ago, when she was adopted by a wonderful family in Albany, Oregon. His love of kitties definitely came from his mama.

Heaven Scent Chantilly Kiss With A Twist
Tilly is a sweet girl with a playful side. She loves to run around her yard, wrestle with her friends and splash in the kiddie pool. Tilly has a wavy, light golden coat with an athletic build. She is goofy, much like her father Brody. We are happy to have her in our family. 

Heavenscent Candle In The Wind
Norma Jean is a beautiful 2 year old girl with a playful, quirky personality. She loves to fetch, gives hugs and cuddle anytime of the day. She is 63 lbs. and has a beautiful honey colored coat and dark brown eyes, with a gorgeous blocky, yet feminine head.

Heavenscent Meaning Of Life
She is a sweet girl with a happy go lucky attitude. She is always in the mood to play but is happy to settle down for some cuddles as well. Phylis is out of Nina, my conformation champion. She has many of her mothers attributes, as well as her fathers mannerisms. Phylis weighs in at 58 lbs. has a medium golden coat, dark brown eyes and a butt that keeps on wiggling! If your looking for a traveling buddy, Phylis is your girl! We are thrilled to have her in our family.  

Heavenscent Radient Light

Heavenscent Swingin' On A Star

Heavenscent One True Lady

Heavenscent Gone In 60 seconds

Twister Brody Of Lady Ruby (Brody)






"Norma Jean"






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