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*Training & Boarding*
New Puppy Training Basics
     This year I have decided to add some additional training services for our Godlen Retriever puppies and their new families. I will be providing a 6 week puppy course for a fee of $125.00, per puppy. This class will be held throughout the year as we have new litters. If you would like to put your new puppy in a class, all you have to do is let me know when you take them home for the first time. We will begin the classes when the puppies are approximately 12 weeks old. All puppies will need to have a basic foundation of walking on a leash and completed their puppy vaccinations. This will be indoors during the wet weather and outdoors during the warmer months. There is a minimum of 5 puppies required for this class.
House Breaking & Basic Training Camp
Sasha in training    This training camp will include your Golden Retriever puppy in our everyday lifestyle. Your puppy will continue to stay with us from the 8 week mark until 12 weeks of age. They will be crate trained, taught to walk nice on a leash, get accustomed to riding in the car, be potty trained, begin learning not to bite or jump up and continue to learn appropriate social skills. Your puppy will have hands on attention daily. They will sleep indoors in their crate and receive much love and affection as well. The fee for this service is $650.00. Space is limited!
**Training Camp Is Currently Full**
Vacation Boarding
Finnley boarding      We all know that things come up where you can't always take your Golden Retriever with you. We are available to watch your friend for you while you are away. Your dog will be housed indoors where they will be treated like one of the family. We ask that you bring their crate, food, collar, leash and toys. All dogs/puppies must be up to date with their vaccinations, de-worming and flea preventative. The fee for this service is $25.00 per night. Please try to schedule with us 2 weeks in advance to prevent over booking.
  These services are only available to families that have purchased puppies from our kennel.
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