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Pups are getting around
It's been a while!!!
We opened our eyes!!
The time is near
The sunshine has brought on Puppy Fever!!!


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Pups are getting around

Scarlet's pups are up on their feet and getting around. These pups are super sweet and curious. I can't wait till they start chasing each other around and steeling toys. 

It's been a while!!!

Well, hello everyone! It has been a while since I posted on this blog so I guess it is time. Today, Scarlet delivered 13 beautiful pups. She and her pups are doing wonderfully and we are very pleased. Scarlet is a terrific girl and excellent mother. We are so proud to have her in our lives, raising up beautiful new additions to the Golden Retriever world. Thanks again Scarlet, you are awesome!!

We opened our eyes!!

Vanna's puppies are now 13 days old and have just opened their eyes. They are cute as can be and growing like weeds. Several of them are really beginning to get around and trying to walk without scooting. They are all very sweet and really getting use to a lot of snuggling. As you will see, they still prefer sleeping more than anything at this point. Autumn's puppies are only 10 days old and still have little squinty eyes. They should open up in the next day or two. Autumn is being a fantastic mom again and seems to be showing Vanna the ropes when it comes to motherhood. We are so proud of both of them and thrilled that all of these precious puppies have loving families awaiting their welcome.

The time is near

Within days, we will be welcoming to newest additions to the family. According to the x-rays, we will be expecting 10 puppies from Vanna. Autumn will be going in tomorrow, so we can get a more accurate count on her puppies. Although Vanna is closer to delivering her pups, Autumn is much larger. What does this mean?? Is Autumn going to have 11, 12, 13 puppies?? The suspense is killing me, but I should know soon. Who knows, maybe they just have big heads!! LOL
Whatever happens, we will be happy to see healthy little ones.

The sunshine has brought on Puppy Fever!!!

The sunshine has brought on Puppy Fever!!!LOL 
We have had an overwhelming response from our web page this past few months. Thank you to everyone who has visited. We have 20 families anxiously awaiting the arrival of Vanna and Autumn's litters this month. Our hopes are that we will be blessing each of these families with their perfect 4 legged, furry companion. It is because of this, we are not taking any additional deposits at this time. We are planning a couple of additional litters this year, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions about them. We are super excited about the current litters. Vanna and Autumn are growing bigger each day and are as cute and cuddly as can be. We will be going in for Xrays next week and can hardly wait. Keep checking back and we will keep you updated. Happy Spring!!!!

New Addition

We have added a new addition to the gang. His name is Tucker and he is cute as can be. He was born August 30th 2012 and will be the sire to some future litters with Lola and Lexi. He has a great temperment and personality with an excitement for life. He should fill out nicely and be a nice complement to our breeding program. We look forward to the next couple of years as he grows into a handsome young adult.

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow, it has been busy out here this winter. Between the rain and the wind and all the furballs, there isn't much time left in the day. We are excited to announce that both Autumn and Vanna have been bred by Brody and we will be expecting the puppies in the middle of April. Autumn was a great mom to 11 adorable pups the first time around and I have not doubt she will do the same this time. With any luck, Vanna will do just as good of a job. Maybe she will even learn something about it from Autumn. We will keep you posted as the pregnancies progress and share a few pics along the way.  

Sophie's visit

Sophie came back to visit us this past week for an afternoon of fun with her friend and family. We adopted Sophie out this year when we retired her from being a mom. She always did such a great job and felt it was her time to just be a family pet. She is always such a happy girl and is with a fantastic family now. We enjoyed playing with her and relaxing in the house for the day. Here is a pic of her hanging out in the yard. What a cutie. We love you  and miss you Sophie!!

Autumns puppies

Hi everyone. This is an exciting time for us around here. Autumns puppies are 4 weeks old now and cute as can be. Everyone is growing like little weeds and their personalities are really starting to come through. We have 5 of our puppies reserved at this point and 6 left available. The puppies are really begining to enjoy playing and we will be going for car rides in the near future. Autumn is being a fantastic mom and has really impressed me with her little fluffballs. For a first time mom, we are really pleased.

Autumn's first litter

Less than a week to go!! Autumn is due to have her first litter of puppies the first week of September, 2012. She went in for a check up and puppy count and it appears she should be having 11 little ones. She has been restless the past few days and not eating as much as usual. This could mean we are really close. We are so excited to see what the little ones will look like. I am rooting for lots of llittle dark babies from her. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Check back next week for some possible pics.
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