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Lola and her puppies

Well, the puppies are now 9 weeks old and everyone has gone to their new homes except for Porter. I think he is unsure of why people come and there are less puppies when they leave. He enjoyed the last few days while it was only him and Dell hanging out with their mom and playing with her tail. They especially seemed to like stealing a sip or two from her milk machine. LOL. We are happy to announce that everyone has gone to some amazing families with tons of love to share. We look forward to many updates and pictures in the near future.

stars in our presence

It's official. We have T.V. stars in our presence. On Sunday, May 5th 2012, Lexi and Baily were featured in a television commercial. We spent a large part of the day in Washington for filming. This type of thing was quite a production. We arrived at 7am ready to go and were not finished untill after 8pm. There was a lot of waiting for our turn and we watched several human actors doing their job. Sometimes they would do the same part 15 to 20 times. I couldn't even begin to imagine how long a full length movie takes to create. We were in a air conditioned house that was just beautiful. Lexi had her usual high energy and loved all the attention she recieved, Baily was a bit more relaxed and content to just hang out. Lots of fun and something new for the girls to try their paw(hand) in. We look forward to having this type of oppertunity again in the future.

New adventures

Well, we took a few of our girls to Washington for an audition to do a commercial. It went quite well and we will be returning this Sunday to see if it will all work out.  It looks like Baily, Vanna and Lexi may all be little stars. Update to come soon.


Well, all the pups eyes are open, they are growling at each other and learning how to play. They are so cute at this stage. Everyone is all wobbles. So cute.  Lola is still looking great and becoming an excellent mom. We are so proud of her. She is taking care of 11 pups with only 10 milk spicketts. I'm glad we don't have that many kids all at once. Lol.

Puppies on the farm

Well, Lola and her puppies are doing well. The pups are just begining to open their eyes. They are just soooo cute!!. They are gettin' around better each day and are making more noise. Barks, growls, etc. Everyone has pretty much doubled in size the first week. Hopefully we start getting some good weather so they can get outside to play in a couple of weeks. Lola is being a fantastic mother and is very happy to cuddle and kiss her babies. Pictures to come soon. Keep checkin' back.

Puppies are here!!!

We have successfully delivered 11 beautiful puppies. 5 females and 6 males were born on Saturday, April 14th. We have a variets of coat colors, from extremely light to dark. What an exciting time for Lola. It has been 2 years since she has been a mom. Lola is doing wonderful and is being a terrific mother. Cheers to Lola!!

Life on the Farm

Wow this weather is crazy!!! Snowing, no Sunny, no Raining. I don't know, it's Oregon. We are having a great time here on the farm with two of our lovable goldens that have come out to stay for a bit. Nala is an absolute joy. She is only 10 weeks old and doing a great job at crate training. We also have Tamba out here. He is such a goof. Everything is a party when you are Tamba. He loves to play in the muddy water and go fishing for tennis balls. Better him than me I say. Scarlet is a doll. Very smart and inquisitive. She seems to think if you are not a Golden and have four legs, you must not be a dog. She will figure it out soon enough.


Well, all of the puppies have gone to their new homes except for one. We have decided to keep a beautiful dark female we call scarlette. We anticipate great success for her. She comes from Championship hunt lines and is super smart. Over the next couple of weeks we have a few of our extended golden family members coming for boarding. We are looking forward to a great time.

This week on the farm

It has been an extremely busy week around here. The puppies all have new families preparing for a new addition, Lexi has returned from training, Autumn has left for training and Lola has been bred. Whoo!! Anyway, the puppies are sure getting big. Very active and playful, thank goodness they still take lots of naps. I can hardly keep up with them when they are all litterally tugging at my pant legs. Oh well, it's the price I'm willing to pay, to be able to play with these fun little bundles.  Lexi is back and doing well, we definately missed her while she was away.  Lola has been bred to Rocket and we are hoping for a success. We will go out to see Autumn next week. Hopefully she is having fun beacause her friends sure miss her.  

Tough guys!!

The puppies are so darn cute. One of the larger boys, we call him Drake, thinks he is tough. Last night before bed he decided he should take me on. He toddled close to me and barked and growled and then backed up. Then he came back again and gave me a stern licking. He is adorable. I think he has little man syndrome, lol. They are all getting more curious and learning how to use their bark and growl. I may need to watch out next week, haha. It is good to be golden!!
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