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First solid food

It's about 10:30 pm on this Saturday night and puppies and mama are tucked snuggly into bed. The puppies had their first solid meal today and most of them really enjoyed getting into it, literally. Their was puppy food everywhere. Everyone is about 4lbs right now and steadily growing. Sophie enjoyed licking food off of her pups today. Bonus for her when she gave them their baths, lol. We will be getting some toys out tomorrow for them. I guess we will see what they think about that. Unfortuneately, we can only play with puppy toys without mama, she tends to tear them up pretty quickly. I bet she will be jealous that she doesn't get the new fuzzy toys, she will have to stick with the kong and rope toys.  She seems to like them just fine.

Lexi in training

Well, Lexi has been away at training for about 5 days now and we miss her. She is such a love. She has been making new friends and learning how to be a retriever. We hope she continues to do well. We are told that she is very happy to have brought some of her favorite toys, no surprise there. Lexi seems to think that she always needs to have something in her mouth. Good luck Lexi, See you soon.

Puppy love

The puppies are growing like weeds. Lots of growling and wobling at this point. They seem to be trying to wrestle but with not much success. Super sweet babies that love to cuddle and lick. I think I need to let them have more time alone, I just can't control myself. They are so precious.


Well, Lexi is leaving on Friday to go for some training. We are going to fine tune her obedience skills and maybe try some more serious retrieving. I know she is smart and I am sure she will do quite well. We will all miss her while she is gone. Sometimes 30 days seems like a lifetime. I look forward to her returning with new skills.


The puppies are getting more cute every day. I just cant wait till their eyes open. They will be moving from the birthing suite to the nursery this week. That's when the real fun begins. A few of the puppies are chunkie monkeys, they really love mama's milk. We hold them all so much, i'm affraid they are getting a bit spoiled. You can never love a dog or puppy tooo much.

New adventures

Well, we went to the Rose City Classic on Saturday and Autumn and Lola overcame some of their fears. Autumn enjoyed trying out the agility tunnel. She was not as thrilled about the poles and pause table. Lola Wouldn't dare touch the tunnel but did well with everything else. Any way, it was a fun day. The puppies are doing well and growing more each day. A few of them appear to be starting to open their eyes. They are now only 9 days old. Wow time goes fast. I cant wait till they begin to chase and play with us. More to come soon..........

Puppies n stuff

Just another rainy day with our beautiful babies, boy they are sure growing fast. They are staying awake more and more each day. Drake and Preston are getting huge tummies. Can't wait till their eyes open and they start playing. I think I may take a couple of my dogs up to check out the agility training at the Rose City Classic dog show this weekend, it really sounds fun. With all this rain, I may need to take a boat, lol. Dog shows are always exciting and fun. You really get a chance to see how versatile Golden Retrievers are.

New puppies

Well, the snow has begun to melt and the rain is pooring down. What a great day to stay inside and snuggle with new puppies. Sophie and Rockets puppies are now 4 days old and cute as can be. They all had their dew claws removed and Sophie was not thrilled at all with all of the complaining. They can be quite loud sometimes. All is well though and everyone recieved a clean bill of health. Now they are all back to nursing and sleeping. What a life!!!! I want to be a Golden Retriever. lol
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