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*Retired Goldens*

These dogs are already in their forever homes and not available for adoption

This page is currently under construction!

"Heaven Scent Destined To Be A Lady"

Desi is now retired and living with a loving family and her new girl Mary, in Olympia Washington. We miss her dearly but know she has an important job looking after Mary. Love you always Desi!! 

"Heaven Scent Burnin' Red Kiss"

Bernice is now retired and living in Bend, OR with here new mom Christy.

We miss and love you Bernice

"Heaven Scent Caramel Vanilla Delight"

Cara is now retired with a wonderful family in Eugene, OR

We miss her a lot and are happy she is in a fantastic home.

We love and miss you Cara

"Heaven Scent Scarlet Red Kiss"

Scarlet is now retired and living in a lovely home on acreage in Port Orford, WA

We miss and love you Scarlet

"Heaven Scent Vanilla Sunset"

Vanna is now retired and living comfortably in a home with her loving family. We love her dearly and are happy to have her spending her Golden years with the MacNuer family.

"Heaven Scent Autumn Sky"

Autumn is happily retired and living in Albany, Or. with the Jones family and two other Heaven Scent goldens. They are a loving bunch and we could not be happier for all of them. Love to you all

"Heaven Scent White Gold"

Lexi is now retired and living with her new family in Port Townsend, WA

We love you Lexi!

"Brody's Mellow Sip of Baileys"

Lola was retired and living with her daughter Maggie in Castlerock, WA

She has now left us and headed over the rainbow bridge to be with her mother, Bailey. She was 12 years old.

We love you Lola!

"Sophie Golden Kisper"

Sophie is now retired and living with her loving family in Woodburn, OR

We Love and miss you Sophie!

"Duke's Lucky Sip Of Baileys"

Bailey is Lola's mom and was retired at age 6. She is a wonderful girl and has been happily living here on our farm, helping out with the youngsters. She was with us until she was 16.5 years old. She was also the great grand mother to Desi and Greta and lived life to the fullest till the very end. She enjoyed playing in the kiddie pool and hanging out with Tucker. Her favorite pass time was lounging on her deck under the Maple tree.  We will love and miss you forever Bailey!!

"CH Shyan's Heaven Scent Little Girl"

"Heaven Scent Scarlet Red kiss"

"Heaven Scent Lady Without Regrets"

"Heavenscent Candle In The Wind"

"Heavenscent One True Lady"

"Poet's Vanilla Daisy"

"Heaven Scent Behind Those Hazel Eyes"

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