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*Testimonials About Our Goldens*

Dug, 8 weeks old

Everything is going good. He definitely delights our hearts. Just got back from the vet and he said everything looked good.Thanks again.

Stan, Jen, and Dug

Brody, 8 weeks, at new home for 2 days

We had a great first visit with the vet this afternoon. Of course he got lots of love, and she was happy with how healthy he is. She also felt he would be a great fit for our family. We did decide on his name today. We played with a few names from his lineage and decided on Brody Skywalker Hunter of Greens. He is already coming to his new name. We called him Brody all day today and he comes bounding when we call for him most of the time. He is doing well with crate training. He is also doing great with potty training, he's really very smart and already has favorite spots outside. Thank you again for everything and we will keep in touch.

Blessings, Jennifer

Charlemagne, 8 weeks old

Took Charlie to the vet today, went swimmingly! She said he's happy and healthy. Thanks so much for taking such good care of him. We can already tell that you have started him with such a great foundation. :)

Sarah and Jon

Raelynn, 8 weeks old

The kid is doing great! Learning fast and only waking up once a night to go potty. Thanks again.


Ellie, 1st day at her new home, 8 weeks old

Okay- she is brilliant!! In 10 minutes she knows her name, sit, come, learning to stay and speak. Potty training is coming but she is having too much fun playing and getting distracted :) We adore her, it already feels like we have had her forever. Thanks.


Eva, 2 weeks after she goes home, 10 weeks old

She has done so well today. We named her Eva. She has already ran with me on her new leash today, which she does so well on. Much better than my friends dogs that have been working on it for about 2 months now. She sat with me the whole ride home and did not whine a bit. Her and my pom get along great so far, Eva even tries to cuddle with her when she is resting. Now one of the best things, she goes to door and whines when she needs to go potty. So far no accidents in the house.Thank you so much for everything, she is going to be the perfect addition to our family.


4 weeks after Cruz goes home, 11 weeks old

Cruz is doing awesome. He is such a great addition to our family, we love him so much. Our Border Collie has decided to keep him as well and plays with him a lot now, which makes Cruz really happy. Cruz is so funny when we take him for walks, he gets very insulted when someone passes by and doesn't acknowledge him, he of coarse thinks he should be the center of all attention. Thank you so much.


Stanley, 6 months old

We just wanted to send you a current picture of Stanley and tell you how wonderful and loved he is!! He is a total dork and fits into our family all too well. We love him, thank you again for our Stan.


Tamba, 12 months old

I was thinking about you and thinking that you needed some pictures of our guy Tamba...... He is so energetic. I get why you called him Flash!! He runs all the time, jumps like you wouldn't believe and is sooo lovable. He lives for going to the park and chasing balls. Anyway, we love him a lot and are so glad he is a part of our family. I saw that you may be expecting another litter soon, we may be needing to get a little sibling for Tamba. Thanks again.


Finlay, 6 months old

We love Finlay so much. He is very busy as any puppy would be at his age but things are getting easier every day. Thanks for our family's first dog.


Bailey, 10 months old

Matt and Tia here, wanted to send you an update on Bailey. 10 months old now and we couldn't be happier. She is by far the best dog I have ever known. I guess what they say about Golden's is true, you will never want another breed. Everyone that meets her loves her and she loves them too, especially kids. Thanks for providing us with such a wonderful addition to our family .

Matt and Tia

​Cody, 3 months old

We have had Cody for a little over a month now and he has doubled his weight and height. He is the goofiest creature I have ever seen, bar none. (That includes a Marmoset monkey in Brazil) He is an absolute dear. He rarely leaves my side other than to ravage some toy, thatch our lawn or dig in the sand box. I have him in obedience class once a week in the evening. Already a challenge, you are suppose to walk him in a box pattern quietly without saying anything....... he, I cant do it..... It is too distracting, too new, too exciting for him to walk in a pattern like that. Despite that exercise, he sits, heals and is fun on neighborhood walks. He is wicked smart too. We love him a lot. All the best to you and yours.


Della, 3 months old

Della is doing fabulous. We have had her in puppy class and she is doing really well. She picks up on things very quickly and impresses us and the instructor every class. She has fit in very well at home too. Daisy, (our older dog) and her can play for hours together if we let them. She is sooo good with visitors and we love her spunkiness!


Izzy, 2 years old

Izzy (fanny) is doing amazing! She just got done "helping" me feed the horses and clean the stalls. Her favorite place is at the barn. She loves to be wet and muddy! She really is an amazing dog, and I am so thankful that we found her. Life would not be the same without her. Thank you


Della, 1 year old

She is such a sweet girl and has been an incredible addition to our family. She has been a fantastic dog. I have some videos of her and our other black lab playing.


Brody, 2 years old

Our Brody (your Laser) is doing great. He is a BIG gentle boy, who loves all dogs/animals and people. Thank your for our new addition.

Laura and Dennis

Willow, 1 1/2 years old

Willow is a healthy, pretty girl although at a year and a half is big (74 lbs) and still very energetic. Nick (our 5 year old son) was throwing snow balls in the air for Willow and she was catching them. She loves the snow, rain, and being outside in general, prefers chasing sticks to balls, and adores the beach (she is quite the fierce wave jumper!).


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