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We are located in Molalla, Oregon, approximately 45 minutes South of Portland and North of Salem.

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We are located in Molalla, Oregon, approximately 45 minutes South of Portland and North of Salem. We strive to provide families with their ideal 4 legged companion for life. We have a history of producing family friendly Goldens with willing and outgoing attitudes. Golden Retrievers often do well in agility, rally, obedience, hunting and service.

Every Golden Retriever puppy is evaluated for personality and temperament from the time they are whelped. Our focus is on finding the right combination for each individual family's needs. All of our puppies are well socialized and have had exposure to many different sights, scents, sounds and surroundings before heading off to their forever home. We encourage everyone to stay in touch and let us know if they have any questions during the raising of their Golden Retriever puppy, as well as after their puppy is grown.

We will provide you with complete and accurate information on getting started with your new family member, as well as an AKC new puppy packet with all the needed information such as traveling tips, grooming and of course, the basics on training. No need to worry about the process of registering your puppy, we gladly do it for you. All you need to do is come up with a name and we will take care of the rest. You and your puppy will be off to a great start. We are now offering additional services to our puppy families.

We believe that a healthy puppy, starts with good nutrition. We feed top quality, holistic dog foods and treats that are sure to please. We offer these items to our puppy families at a reduced price. We want all of our 4 legged friends to get the best of the best.

Most of our puppies are sold to pet family homes. This means they are sold with a limited registration and are not intended for breeding. In rare occasions, we will sell a puppy to a show or competition home with an unlimited registration, for an additional fee as well as additional contract requirements.

Golden Retriever Litter of puppies

The last litter in 2011, was evaluated for their ability to work as service dogs, 3 of the 9 puppies qualified. We have placed one of them in a wheel chair home and another as a diabetic alert dog. These puppies have bright futures ahead of them. We are proud!!!

In 2012, we produced 2 puppies that have become service/assistance dogs. One of which is a companion to an amazing Autistic boy and the other to a family that has been challenged with Muscular Dystrophy. We are excited to hear how they progress and have no doubt, they will be terrific.

In 2013, we have had several excellent litters, from athletic field and agility pups to easy going, laid back, family pups. We have also added a new girl to our family. We have high hopes for her.

In 2014, we decided to add on to our kennels/dog yards. We are now providing additional training and boarding option as well as one on one help for our families and their pups. Several of our pups are working towards becoming service/assistance dogs and we are doing more work in the field and obedience ring.

In 2015 and 2016, we were hard at work in the confirmation ring with Nina. Nina is now a Champion and producing beautiful, intelligent and loving pups. We are not only offering training and boarding for our puppy families, we also have a wide variety of products available to keep your pooch happy and healthy.

In 2017, we were blessed to add Theo to our family. Theo was born with a cleft palate but with love, a lot of work and commitment as well as faith in what we do, he is well on his way to becoming a hospital therapy dog for children. He is a loving guy with a goofy temperament and zest for life. I couldn't imagine not having him here with me.

Unfortunately, in 2018, my oldest and 1st Golden girl Bailey was diagnosed with a tumor on her heart. She fought a good fight and continued to brighten our lives daily. We sadly said farewell to her in August, shortly after her 16th birthday. It is now a blessing that we have recently bred Bailey's great granddaughter, Greta and are hoping to continue this line of most amazing family members.

Now we have arrived at 2019, We have some beautiful new additions to our kennel. We have several girls that will be entering the show ring and a new boy in our group. I am thrilled at the temperament and looks of these dogs. I am excited to share more information as the year progresses.

2020 has come and gone!! It was a crazy year, we were all caught off guard by Covid 19. Started a home renovation that went a bit sideways and evacuated for almost 2 weeks during the September fires. We made it through the year, produced some beautiful puppies and celebrated many fur kids birthdays. 2021... here we come!!

Hello 2021!! Lost power for 12 days during the February freeze. Hoping we get to do some dogs shows, camping and finish some kennel updates. We have some new additions to our fur family and have celebrated Brody's 14th birthday! So far so good.

Well now, 2022 is more than half way over and we are just getting caught up with some past due projects. We have some beautiful dogs in our breeding program and are looking forward to the future. Brody has just celebrated his 15th birthday in May and is going strong. His great, great granddaughter Astrid will hopefully be joining our breeding program in January 2023, and Jolene has joined our crew. Lots of great things in the future for our family of fur kids.

2023 flew by and we did a lot of improvements on our farm and kennels. We have retired a few of our girls, said goodbye to Brody at 15.5 years of age and added a few new additions; Calvin, Bob, Esther, and Nellie. We continue to love what we do and the dogs and families we are blessed to work with. Bob is a special little guy like Theo, he too was born with a cleft palate. His health was a bit more tricky, as he had a few additional issues. He is doing great though, and we plan on him doing some Therapy work when he gets older, just like his Uncle Theo!!

2024 and we are off to a great start! We are continuing to offer boarding, training and grooming services to our Golden families, and they are definitely keeping us busy. We are currently considering building a large kennel building and including an indoor training space for the hot summers and cold, wet winters. A few nice litters have come about, and we have added Monroe and Harlow to the Heaven Scent family! I am hoping to get back into the ring this year and believe these girls will be a great motivation.

Where Our Goldens Live and Play

  • Dog Cottages

    These dog cottages are between 50 and 60 sq ft and feature slate floors, double insulated tile walls, vinyl windows, a dog door, raised Kuranda dog cots, and night lights.

  • Esther

    Esther is one of our beautiful puppies and enjoys playing in our outdoor, puppy play area. This area is 150 sq ft, under cover with Dog Turff, kiddie pool, play structures and toys.

  • Dog Yards

    In 2022, we added some beautiful Prinston Gold Maple trees to our dog yards for additional shade. Our dogs enjoy romping in the grass, chasing through play structures and relaxing under the trees for a cool afternoon nap.