Our Goldens

Our Goldens

Here are some of our cute and lovely Golden Retrievers.


Harvey, Golden Retrievers in Oregon

Heaven Scent Autumn's Harvest Moon

Harvey is a goofy guy, with a come rub my belly personality. He enjoys playing fetch, wrestling with his friends and snorkeling for objects in his kiddie pool. Harvey weighs in at about 64 lbs, has a long medium golden coat and a cowlick down the center of his muzzle. His mother Autumn, lived her with us until about 3 years ago, when she was adopted by a wonderful family in Albany, Oregon. His love of kitties definitely came from his mama.


Phoebe, Golden Retrievers in Oregon

Heavenscent Radient Light

Phoebe is Phylis's sister. She is a fun girl, looking for adventure. Phoebe has a feminine head, dark eyes and a beautiful wavy coat. This girl is about 58 lbs but loves to be in your lap, it's as if she has no idea she has grown up. We have high hopes for this girl in the show ring in 2022. We look forward to many wonderful years with this beautiful girl.


Crosby, Golden Retrievers in Oregon

Heavenscent Swingin' On A Star

Crosby is a sweet guy with a calm personality. He enjoys belly rubs, fetch, and snuggles. He is often seen lounging on his deck with the ladies. He comes from a long line of loveable and intelligent Golden Retrievers. His dark brown eyes and kind heart with steal your soul. Crosby is about 65 lbs and has a dark coat. Crosby comes from both hunting and show lines and has the beauty and inteligence of both. We are honored to have such a wonderful boy!


Margo, Golden Retrievers in Oregon

Sunset HHF Margo's Flying Solo

Margo is a beautiful girl with a smile that never ends! She was entrusted to us by Trisha of Sunset Goldens. She has dark brown eyes, wavy dark coat and the most beautiful dark pigment. She has a great time wrestling with Harvey, boy do they have fun! We are thrilled to have her in our family. She weighs in at about 60 lbs and has a beautiful dark coat with dark, kind eyes.


Eleanor, Golden Retrievers in Oregon

Heavenscent Gone In 60 Seconds

Eleanor is a daughter of Norma Jean, she is a sweet girl that loves to give and receive hugs! She has a light golden coat, dark eyes with expressive eyebrows and an energy to keep anyone going. She also enjoys hanging out in the house and getting snuggles and belly rubs. Eleanor weighs about 62 lbs. We are enjoying her fun loving, quirky antics. She is the type of dog that brings laughter and joy daily. We are lucky to have this sweet girl with us


Ava, Golden Retrievers in Oregon

Shyan's Heavenscent Avalanche

Ava came to us from Shyan Goldens. She has been with us since she was only 9 weeks old. She is on the shorter side, measuring in at just over 19 inches at the shoulder and weighs about 58 lbs. She has a beautiful, thick, light golden coat. She enjoys playing with her friends and giving them a good challenge when wrestling. We had hoped to show in conformation, unfortunately she just isn't tall enough. She is a pleasure to have here with our family.


Iris, Goldens Retrievers in Oregon

Heavenscent Spring Blosson

Iris has a beautiful, thick, light golden coat with outstanding dark brown eyes. Iris weighs in at about 56 lbs. She is the Grandaughter of Brody and Vanna. Iris is a bit on the shy side, until she gets to know you. She and Rita really enjoy playing tag and keep away on a daily basis. Good luck getting their attention when they are engaged in play. They are hilarious to watch. We are happy to have this silly girl that enjoys chasing butterflies and leaves, not to mention the occasional fluff of dog hair!


Rita, Golden Retrievers in Oregon

Heavenscent It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere

Rita is​ daughter of Norma Jean and Harvey. She is about 7 months younger than Eleanor. Rita is also the granddaughter of Autumn, who is now 12 years old. Rita has a way with kids, she is loveable and cuddly and enjoys getting belly rubs from the little ones. She is on the shorter side, weighing in at around 60 lbs, with a dark coat and heavy bone structure. We love having her in our family. Rita and Eleanor seem to realize they are sisters and you can tell by the way they play.


Daphne, Golden Retrievers in Oregon

Heavenscent Sweet Harvest Mystery

Daphne is a super sweet girl with medium golden coat and soft amber eyes. She weighs about 58 lbs. She hasn't met anyone she doesn't like. She is also a Vanna and Brody granddaughter. Her zest for life is apparent in her everyday actions. She enjoys playing with her housemates, splashing in her pool, playing fetch, getting belly rubs and watching the birds and deer in the fields. Relaxing in the sun or cuddles on the couch are enjoyed as well. Daphne is an all around example of her breed. We love her.


Astrid, Golden Retrievers in Oregon

Heavenscent Fare Lady Without Regrets

Astrid is the daughter of Greta and Crosby. She is the great grandaughter of Bailey and Brody on her mama's side and the granddaughter of Sophie on her daddy's side. She has a wonderfully soft disposition and is eager to please. She won't eat her meals if you don't give her loves first. She has a beautiful, lush, light golden coat and dark eyes that pull you in. Don't let this sweet girl fool you, she is happy to get involved with a good wrestling match or game of fetch. It is awesome to have a pup going back 5 generations, to our first breeding pair.


Jolene, Golden Retrievers in Oregon

Heavenscent Please Don't Take My Man

Jolene is a beautiful, young girl. She has a beautiful, medium golden coat and soft dark eyes. Her parents are Nina and Harvey. We can see many of their characteristics in her daily antics. Jolene loves to engage in a good game of tug o war and seems to have a particular affection for her Uncle Theo. Theo will often stand next to her, waiting for her to paw and smooch on him. It is an adorable sight to see.