About Us

It all started in 2002, when we bought our first Golden Retrievers puppy. It was a day to remember for sure. She was this cute little bundle of joy, that you would never imagine could do wrong. She was honey in color and just about as sweet. We brought her home to live with us and our Flat Coated Retriever, Freddie. He quickly became ​her protector, play mate and mentor.

She soon became an incredible new addition to our family. She was fantastic with my children and learned so quickly. We took her on camping trips, to the beach, the park and many shopping trips to the hardware store. Freddie and Bailey learned to rely on each for play time while we were away but were always right there to be loved on, when we returned home.

When Bailey was about 5 years old, sadly we had to say goodbye to our dear Freddie. It was a somber day for us and Bailey felt the loss as well. It took Bailey about 6 months before she was back to her usual self. When Bailey was ready, we started shopping for her new 4 legged friend.

We visited with many families and looked at several puppies. Finally, we found him. The puppy we were ready to bring home. We headed home with our new little one, Brody. Excited to introduce him to Bailey, we could hardly contain ourselves. Just like we had expected, Bailey and Brody became the best of friends, and so it all began.

About 2 years later we had our first litter and were almost instantly hooked. We love each and everyone of our Golden's and enjoy the time we have playing, camping, swimming and snuggling with them. It was then that I had decided that I wanted to raise these beautiful, fun loving family dogs. I believe that they are a great addition to most any family. Whether you have children, are single or looking for a companion/therapy dog, this breed will most definitely fit the mold.