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About Heaven Scent Golden Retrievers

About Us

We are located in Molalla, Oregon, approximately 45 minutes South of Portland

Theo Puppy

Theo's Journey

Everything seemed fine for the first hour or so and then I started to get cold again.

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Our Goldens

Our Goldens

About Heaven Scent Golden Retrievers

A little about Us

It all started in 2002, when we bought our first Golden Retrievers puppy. It was a day to remember for sure. She was this cute little bundle of joy, that you would never imagine could do wrong. She was honey in color and just about as sweet.

Our Goldens

Here are some of our cute and lovely Golden Retrievers.

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    Harvey is a goofy guy, with a come rub my belly personality. He enjoys playing fetch, wrestling with his friends and snorkeling for objects in his kiddie pool. Harvey weighs in at about 64 lbs, has a long medium golden coat and a cowlick down the center of his muzzle. His mother Autumn, lived her with us until about 3 years ago, when she was adopted by a wonderful family in Albany, Oregon. His love of kitties definitely came from his mama.

  • Crosby

    Crosby is a sweet guy with a calm personality. He enjoys belly rubs, fetch, and snuggles. He is often seen lounging on his deck with the ladies. He comes from a long line of loveable and intelligent Golden Retrievers. His dark brown eyes and kind heart with steal your soul. Crosby is about 65 lbs and has a dark coat. Crosby comes from both hunting and show lines and has the beauty and inteligence of both. We are honored to have such a wonderful boy!

  • Margo

    Margo is a beautiful girl with a smile that never ends! She was entrusted to us by Trisha of Sunset Goldens. She has dark brown eyes, wavy dark coat and the most beautiful dark pigment. She has a great time wrestling with Harvey, boy do they have fun! We are thrilled to have her in our family. She weighs in at about 60 lbs and has a beautiful dark coat with dark, kind eyes.

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