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Ava x Harvey

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Puppies born October 2nd, 2023

Ready to go late November, 2023

Shyan's Heavenscent Avalanche




Ava came to us from Shyan Goldens. She has been with us since she was only 9 weeks old. She is on the shorter side, measuring in at just over 19 inches at the shoulder and weighs about 58 lbs. She has a beautiful, thick, light golden coat. She enjoys playing with her friends and giving them a good challenge when wrestling. We had hoped to show in conformation, unfortunately she just isn't tall enough. She is a pleasure to have here with our family.

Harvey is a goofy guy, with a come rub my belly personality. He enjoys playing fetch, wrestling with his friends and snorkeling for objects in his kiddie pool. Harvey weighs in at about 64 lbs, has a long medium golden coat and a cowlick down the center of his muzzle. He mother Autumn, lived her with us until about 3 years ago, when she was adopted by a wonderful family in Albany, Oregon. His love of kitties definitely came from his mama.


Heaven Scent Autumn's Harvest Moon



Eleanor x Crosby

Waiting list is now open

Taking deposits now

Puppies born November 8th, 2023

Ready to go Early January, 2024



Heavenscent Gone In 60 Seconds


Eleanor is a daughter of Norma Jean, she is a sweet girl that loves to give and receive hugs! She has a light golden coat, dark eyes with expressive eyebrows and an energy to keep anyone going. She also enjoys hanging out in the house and getting snuggles and belly rubs. Eleanor weighs about 62 lbs. Eleanor has a zest for life and curiosity about eveything she encounters. We are lucky to have such a beautiful girl with wonderful disposition. 


Crosby is a sweet guy with a calm personality. He enjoys belly rubs, fetch, and snuggles. He is often seen lounging on his deck with the ladies. He comes from a long line of loveable and intelligent Golden Retrievers. His dark brown eyes and kind heart with steal your soul. Crosby is about 65 lbs and has a dark coat. Crosby comes from both hunting and show lines and has the beauty and inteligence of both. We are honored to have such a wonderful boy!


Heavenscent Swingin' On A Star



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